With outstanding image quality and excellent adhesion to a broad range of
materials we can produce an amazing variety of printed products for distance
and close-viewing.

With an Acuity Advance Select we can:
Produce point of sale graphics, indoor signage, industrial graphics
and product decoration, printing direct to rigid media.

We can print print on vitually any substrate (as long as it flat!), from
small sizes to a maximum size of 1,2m x 2.4m and maximum thickness
of 50mm

We also nuturally print on the standard stocks for example.. PVC, polycarbonate, styrene, acrylic, paper, board, wood and
aluminium composite (ACM)

greyscale print heads vary dot size to produce high definition and
smooth graduations (in skin tonesfor example).

Use clear vanish and white ink to add impact to your project

Use white ink to produce images on transparent or coloured materials
Print colour-white-colour layers in one pass for two-sided images on
transparent materials

Print stunning backlit images direct to transparent media

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