When we say short run, well it's certainly not limited to short run.
Most of our print runs are usually from 10 to 5000 labels or stickers.

We supply stickers/decals for the Food and beverage, Marine (waterproof), Industrial, security, Vehicle signage industries.
We also laminate stickers to add to the longivity of the product.

We use a 5 year outdoor vinyl (clear and gloss white) for the majority
of our work as it has a long outdoor life and also an excellent print outcome.

We are positioned to print and cut simple to complex labels.

From very small to very large labels (the biggest we have done is 1.3m x 2m!!).

Latex ink provides a very stable colour fast solution for indoor and outdoor applications.

Eco-friendly technology and eco-responsible manufacturing.

Unit 6, 5 Parity Place, Glenfield, Auckland

09 443 5581

Stickers / Decals / Labels